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Success Stories


Patrice Childs

I am a woman who believes in having multiple streams of income. When I started working part-time under Leadership eXpress, I already had a successful Mortgage business. When the mortgage industry crashed I began working full-time with business coach Jerusher Wiggins. In 60 days I earned the use of a company car and 3 days later earned a Leadership role. I am happy I decided to be a part of the 100 NEW Leaders in LX.


Rahab Mawniki

I reside in New Jersey but I am from Africa. I met business coach Jerusher Wiggins through a mutual friend. I wanted to be a part of the top 2% and earn cars & diamonds. And I achieved it all! I am a stay at home mom so this work from home business is perfect. The one-on-one training helped me reach my goals. The Leadership eXpress unit has a step by step plan for all types of people. The business has changed my family's life.


Alyssa Johnston

I live in California so I connected with Leadership express online. I love the trainings are available in a closed Facebook group. I can access my business classes when it's convenient. I am newly married with a family. I travel with my job and it can be very stressful. I started my business for extra money.


Lieutenant Colonel Catina Barnes

I am a Lieutenant Colonel on active duty in the United States Army. I am a mother of two. I met business coach Jerusher Wiggins in Georgia. I was transferred to North Carolina, Iraq, South Carolina, Kuwait then Korea and currently reside in California. I've been able to build my business all over the country because of the training and support provided for me. The Leadership eXpress unit is a sisterhood and ministry for me. I get to help and serve other  people. It's been a blessing!

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