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Learn how to OVERCOME objections

"I don't do sales"

"I don't know anybody"

"I don't have the money"

"I don't have time"

"I'm too shy"

"I don't want to tell my family & friends"


How can you build a team if you don't know what to say to these objections?

Look no further. When I started my business I experienced the same objections and built a team of 10, then a team of 32 in just a few months! It might sound intimidating, but I promise it is SUPER easy to connect with your ideal prospect when you are relatable. It's not about reading scripts and memorizing them like a robot. This will be you using your personality along with key words that influence the listener to think more positively.

To help you build a team quicker, I'm offering:

*Demonstrations of me overcoming each of the top 10 objections

*Video and audio of how you should articulate what you want to convey

*How and when to change the intonation in your voice

*When to project your voice

*How to use engaged body language

*How to hold your posture when speaking

*How to become a great influencer

*FREE bonus: 10 most commonly used objections pdf download

I want to help shorten your learning curve. Don't spend years repeating words and scripts without getting results. If you are anything like me, it wasn't enough for me to read the scripts and try to repeat scripts that my upline had given me. Can you relate?

I needed to see how to deliver the words or scripts to a potential team member.

I needed to hear the voice and the delivery...and I mastered it.

Are you ready to recruit more people on your team and be a great influencer?



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